Devotee Care Impact

Already devotee care initiatives around the world have made positive impacts in many devotees’ lives. Why not find a course near you or organize one for your community?

Participants trained

Courses run

Hours of learning

Countries represented

Devotee Care Offices launched

We can help You to add structure To Your Devotee Care initiatives.

  1. By ensuring that the virtue of vaishnava care pervades all aspects of the ISKCON Society.
  2. By supporting and providing specific care-giving services that enhance the spiritual, emotional, physical and social well-being of all ISKCON members.

Where each devotee in your community:

  1. Responsibly looks after his or her diverse needs
  2. Easily and successfully seeks qualified help within the Society, and
  3. Wholeheartedly extends that care to others.

Our mission is simple, we want every devotee to be spiritually happy, materially well-situated, and positively identifying with ISKCON as a caring Society.”

The Spectrum of Care

12 Areas for Devotee Care

Material well-being is an essential prerequisite for a healthy and fulfilling spiritual life. Gain the knowledge and resources needed to ensure high standards of living are met so devotees can focus more of their time and energy on devotional service.

Spiritual Life

1. Spiritual Life


2. Healthcare

Marriage and Relationships

3. Marriage, Sex & Relationships

Children and Child-rearing

4. Child-rearing and Child-care


5. Education

Career and Employment

6. Career and Employment

Financial Advice

7. Financial Advice


8. Housing

Travel and Immigration

9. Travel and Immigration

Consumer and Lifestyle

10. Consumer and Lifestyle

Legal and Civic

11. Legal and Civic

Mediation Advice

12. Mediation Advice

12 Recipients of Devotee Care

Our communities are multi-faceted and ever-growing. Every member has a role to play and needs that must be met.

1. Women

2. Cows, Bulls/Oxen

3. Brahmanas

4. Children & Youth

5. The Elderly

6. Brahmachari Communities

7. Grihasthas Communities

8. Vanaprashthas

9. Sannyasis

10. Other Temple Residents

11. Leaders

12. Senior Devotees

Happy Devotees

“I have been able to deepen my relationships with others in a way that is grounded in spiritual principles. Getting guidance has helped me connect with others in a more meaningful way, bringing greater harmony and love into my life.”

“The next generation of Devotees are happy supporting the continued growth of ISKCON as they continue to be nourished and supported themselves.

When we radiate positive energy and enthusiasm, it can uplift those around us and create a more positive and fertile environment of depth and gratitude in our spiritual lives. This energy is contagious and inspires others to approach their own lives with more enthusiasm and optimism too.”


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