He went into his room and called for Jayapataka. We were standing outside on the covered balcony at 3 Albert Road in Calcutta. Prabhupada practically roared at him, "Why is your complexion greenish?" Jayapataka stammered something. Prabhupada said, "If you do not eat better, you will die. The devotees are looking weak. All of you are not eating properly." He said, "Everyday go to the place where the sweet merchants buy the freshly made curd that's delivered from the countryside, and buy curd for each devotee. Fry it with a little salt and asafoetida, and give it to the devotees along with other, more substantial food." We were having a lot of puffies as well as dahl and chapatis, but it wasn't enough for us. When Prabhupada came he immediately saved us. He saw that the devotees in the temple at that time were suffering from malnourishment.        

(Revatinandana Dasa)