We went to see the Indian Ambassador with Prabhupada. The temple was so poor at the time that we did not have a car. I asked the guests if anyone had a car we could use. A hippie said, "I have one Swami can use." It was a ridiculous-looking Beetle with flowers painted on it. I thought, "How could we put Prabhupada in this?" But we had no choice. Srila Prabhupada, Shyamasundar, and I got in, and this hippie drove to the Indian embassy. When we saw the Indian Ambassador, Prabhupada was relaxed and transcendental. He spoke about Rupa Goswami and gave the Ambassador The Nectar of Devotion. For about a half an hour, Prabhupada talked, and at the end of it that gentleman was purified. Prabhupada addressed the Ambassador by his first name, saying "Last time I was here you said 'Swamiji, whatever you want, I will do if I can.' Now I have one request." By that time they had such a nice relationship that the Ambassador could not refuse. Prabhupada had completely melted him. Prabhupada asked the Ambassador to contact Indira Gandhi and arrange for five-year missionary visas for his disciples in India. It fascinated and amazed me how Prabhupada softened him by talking about the Goswamis and the philosophy. There was no businesslike talk. Prabhupada was an ambassador from the Goswamis, and when he met the Indian Ambassador he did it on his grounds. He didn't do it on the Indian Ambassador's grounds. Prabhupada didn't behave like a diplomat or in anyway try to conform to a mundane idea of negotiations.    

(Tribhuvanath Dasa)