(Adopted from Srila Prabhupada Uvaca - Srutakirti Das)

I had been a brahmacari for two and some half years and was feeling restless. Many times, Srila Prabhupada explained how one must reduce one's sleeping and eating to make spiritual advancement, so I decided to utilize the two upcoming fast days to reduce my eating. While breaking fast at midnight on Janmastami, I ate very little. I again ate sparingly the next afternoon after Srilla Prabhupada's Vyasa puja celebration as I did the following day. I didn't feel hungry, so I assumed my stomach had shrunk.

The next day Srilla Prabhupada called me into his room.

"Your face is looking thin," Srilla Prabhupada stated. "You are not feeling well?" "No, Srilla Prabhupada, I feel fine," I explained. "I was trying to cut down on my eating."
"What is this?" Srilla Prabhupada said. "You have service to perform. You should not cut down on your eating. This is nonsense. You have to give massages and do so many things. Do not cut down. You should eat whatever you can digest. That is what you should eat."

Amazingly, in our first 16 months together, this was Srilla Prabhupada's second conversation with me regarding my prasadam intake. Finally, I decided not to worry about how much prasadam I ate.

His Divine Grace had keen powers of observation and was always looking out for our welfare. Sometimes, we were busy concocting our own means to spiritual advancement, but Srilla Prabhupada guided us and cared for us on every level.

Jai Srilla Prabhupada!