"On 1st May 2020 I got mild symptoms like feverish, cough with mucus etc. then I went to hospital on 2nd May just for checking since one of our group member tested positive for COVID-19 then I got completely shocked when I came to know that I am COVID-19 positive & moreover I was helpless when doctors told me that I cannot go home and have to get quarantine at the hospital. I had nothing except mobile and little Laxmi….!! Then I called my family members & informed about the same, also I informed to our devotee group incharge Sriman Sacinandan Prabhu then he coordinated for all the needs of myself and my family members too.” said Marikkanni prabhu (a 16 rounder upcoming devotee) from Krishna Katha Desh. 

When this devotee was recovered after 23 days then he shared his experience as below - 

"Hare Krishna Prabhuji, I came home one hour before. All Prabhujis and Matajis from other group called me at regular intervals. From our group, Sundarvar Prabhuji, Lakshmi Prabha Mataji, Hemalatha Mataji, Ilavarasi Mataji called me. They gave me great support. Because Lakshmi Prabha Mataji and Hemalatha Mataji are working as nurses there, my reports were fully checked by them. Daily they communicated to me the test results of ECG, XRay and gave updates everyday. They took care of my family very well. Matajis took care of my family members by calling them regularly. I had COVID-19 symptoms for 1.5 days only, other days I was healthy. COVID-19 gives mental stress. Krishna Conscious philosophy made my life easier. I didn't feel much stressed. However discomforts were there. After living a Krishna Conscious and hygienic life eating Krishna prasadam everyday, it was very tough to have that food. I accepted them as past life karma and took it easy. I had a friend and we used to read Bhagavad Gita everyday and we completed till 6th chapter. We both used to go for a walk everyday. I could clearly see the difference between materialist and Krishna Conscious devotees. I was confident and stress-free and they (materialists) were all stressed-out. Those materialists were all bachelors. As Prabhuji rightly said, I could realize that Vaishnava or Krishna Conscious devotee is a topmost human being. At last, when I am discharging, everyone was allowed to take only mobile, charger and wallet. But I didn't have a heart to leave my chanting beads and Bhagavad Gita. Everyone insisted me to leave Bhagavad Gita and japa mala there. I wanted to take them with me because if I leave them there, it will get disposed. when I exited from there, 5 people (non-hindus) checked me thoroughly and I requested them and pleaded them, so they allowed me to take back Bhagavad Gita and japa mala. Its all Krishna's mercy Prabhuji. These 23 days gave me good training for my mind and heart. Its all Krishna's mercy Prabhuji. Thank you Prabhuji. Hare Krishna."