During Jan’2020 HG Radha Gopinath Prabhu and HG Damodara Prabhu conducted DCC at Melbourne. Around 35 devotees attended the course and experience of all devotees was very enriching and nourishing regarding the concept of Devotee Care..!!

They learned many practical principles about how devotees can be taken care in our community with various aspects of Spiritual Care, Physical Care, Emotional Care etc.

The result of this is that few devotees have gathered together and planning to implement the principles of Devotee Care in their group…. Lets hear from one of their group member devotee:

We started a pilot Devotee Care batch which is being run at North Sydney Temple (Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple) in April’2020. The plan is to first implement the system to a selected group of devotees and then do for rest of the congregation.

Under this program,

  • Members meet every fortnight
  • One to one guidance is offered to the devotees in need
  • We focus on Sadhana and Sadhachar 
  • Sadhana Card to help regularise our Sadhana
  • We discuss practical implementation of Shastra in our daily life
  • Celebrate Vyas Puja of Spiritual Masters of all the members 
  • Celebrate Birthday / Anniversary of all the members
  • We go out for picnics and retreats and do various team building activities  

I attended the Devotee Care Course by HG Radha Gopinath Pr and HG Damodar Prabhu in Melbourne in January 2020 and this course really helped me understand the complete umbrella of Devotee Care. The best part of the course is that, the course is based on Devotee Care principals rather than systems.

We plan to implement the principals of Devotee Care that I learned during the training in the current batch once we resume after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. The course has basically broadened our vision and understanding what Devotee Care actually means and how it can be implemented within the current setup locally.

Your servant,

Madhav Gopal Das